Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anxiety or Anger whats the difference?

^ my head ^

I am blessed person.

So why do I feel so selfish and unhappy?

My head is a terrible thing sometimes..

"Life is not easy and I cannot please everyone"

better written:

"Life is easy if you try to please only yourself"


"Life is meaningless if you try to please only yourself"

What is my life?  What is my purpose? What makes me happy?

What will I do to fight for life? What will I do to fight for a life I want?

Being taken advantage of..  How do I know when it's happening?

Follow the Golden Rule..

easy to desire... difficult to continue when your by yourself.


I need Support.

I want to be supportive as well.

Talking to myself in my blog is only somewhat helpful..
Now time to Open Photoshop and see what comes out of me...

I'm doing a good job keeping anger at bay while worry washes up on shore in droves... it's silly to be feeling either.

People are silly creations))



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal - I really enjoyed this!

I enjoy this type of news))

youtube: These are no tears... it... it's just my manliness leaving through my eyes.

This video had me laughing and crying at the same time..
Wonderful feelings, I wish them the best.

misss my milllie


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally Finished!!! Matthew West - Kinetic Typography Project

It was a grueling task I realized after 4 hours of work and only about 20 seconds into the song... haha..
Still I had support throughout and I am happy with how my first After Effects Typography project worked out.
I just thought I would post it about my blogs so that it could get its face value)) :P i worked hard!!

Thank you for everyone who gives me support!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reminder to Self! Random Post

Currently I am working on  Kinetic Typography with Matthew West's Song - "More"

so far I am about 1 minute and 25 seconds into the song and have a little over 2 minutes left to animate!

I just had a few things to remind myself to Animate after this:
  1. Bible Verse's
  2. Personal Poem's
  3. Letter/Message/Story to KK
  4. cool audio fruit loop waves.. with kinetic type
  5. lastly old wav (takin bath)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

finding resources, in hopes to get a CELTA

Several weeks ago I applied for and was accepted to The Teaching House in Chicago, IL. This was in order to get a CELTA certificate that can be used for jobs all over the world in order to teach English to adults!

Currently I do not have enough money to actually go to this school. Sometimes I do things without having all things in alignment.. more or less hoping or trusting that a path will be given to me.

As I said I do not have a way to pay for this course and I do not know if it will become a reality at this point.

I have a widget that I have made but in my experience things like this go largely unnoticed.

oh money.. silly concept

yet it controls our lives..

Not for long.

I have hope for the future, even if I am not meant to take this class at this exact time.

Still I have to try everything and keep faith. I hope that things will work out.

Possibly time to make a quick youtube video explaining my situation, maybe actually do it!

I have a job interview this Tuesday!  

I need to thank God for the blessings that I do have and take care of what I can.

All I really want is to be educated, to be with my love, Kristina, my fiance, to have the tools that are necessary in order to provide for the family I wish to have. I trust that God will be with me and help will come in compliance with his plan.

Oh lord I am willing, please show me the way.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Ever feel like Meh? :p

Sometimes we just feel depressed. Generally because there is a situation involving a loved one.
It does not mean that we are depressed all the time. It just means that we have feelings.

Nobody wants to be held back by there past mistakes. It is natural to be stupid and then to become smart.
It is quiet opposite to expect    it the other  way around. I am a better person today that  I was yesterday.
That is the Goal.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Writing, i miss you...

Many times I feel like I have good ideas, but instead of actually doing what it is I'm thinking, I just try to remember the idea. How smart is that?
I do not think it is very smart at all.
I see myself as someone who can do a lot.
But I do not see my actions matching up to my potential.
It's getting to the point that I can no longer bare it and something needs to change!
Like most guy's in there early 20's I spend a lot of times doing things that "I" want to do. It's sad to say, but as mature as I think I am, I realize that left to my own devices I can fall off course.
I'd like to change these bad characteristics about myself before it gets worse.. before I am even older and wishing I had been different.
I do not like knowing how many hours I have spent on games rather than doing helpful or productive things.. rather than doing something for, or spending time with, loved ones..
Currently my heart feels like it wants to explode..
I wish I were a better writer so that I could express myself fully, but I'll get out what I need to get out.
I have to make Goals, and I need to keep up with them
I need to make them public so that I cannot hide from them
I need support, my heart is tender although it is strong, I am still growing and I have my tough days like all
~God is Watching me I need Not to Forget this Truth~
Everyday, Every Moment, and Always
  • Clean up
  • Get rid of the excess
  • Be the man that your preach others to be
  • Love with all of your heart
  • Be humble
  • Check yourself
The best way to live happily and genuinely, is to be doing things correctly, and righteously.
I know that all things done in dark will eventually be seen by others in the light. 

Of course there is a point.

I want to be a good Husband.

Rather than try to BS myself through life, I want to help people and love my family.
I seem to fail quite regularly, but I hope that I can learn to one day succeed in this endeavor. 


miss you


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

YouTube beginning to Suck!

So I have noticed now that Google has decided to try to take over the world with its own branding...
Everything is beginning to suck..
Kind of like EA taking over video games and making everything awful.
Not only does youtube care more about marketing and making money than actually HOSTING accessible user videos, but as of late, the website has had terrible technical reliability in the past month!
It takes me several attempts to upload a video and often it says it is 100% processed only to say on another screen that it was cancelled..
come on youtube !:( :p


Friday, March 23, 2012

Having thoughts of traveling to Turkey!?

I was doing some research and found out some thing about Turkey! Although there are a lot of positives in the culture... There are many that have me running away!
see this article below:

'Honor Killings' Have Morphed Into 'Honor Suicides' in Turkey

And Later I was reading an article about rock climbing.. It was written by Turkish Muslim man earlier this year..
Here is little quote that kind of freaked me out.

"Although Turkey is a secular country, over 90% of the population is Muslim. That is mostly because, according to Muslim “law”, the punishment for changing one’s religion is death. You get your religion handed to you at birth, just like your nationality. In eastern Turkey it is frowned upon to dance with the opposite sex, sing, wear makeup, expose your arms or legs (not to mention your bosom), and have sex outside of marriage. If you are a woman, you do not need to wear a scarf. If you ask someone if they “had fun”, you are asking if they had sex. According to the government of Turkey, fornication or homosexuality outside of marriage is not illegal, but according to the Muslim culture, it is not permitted. You won’t be permitted to take a local up to your bedroom. (Hotels are required to turn their guest list into the local police every night.) "

Things I sort of knew already, but something about the idea that being Muslim and Muslim Law are one in the same.. something about it lacks civil liberty.. granted I do believe in God.. I just disagree that this is his Law.
just a thought


Sunday, March 18, 2012

It has been many many many years... But today I learned a NEW english word!!!

Thanks to KK, I was chatting with her on FB chat when she busted out this one! "planophrasia" ... I know WTF right!?
Turns out it really is a word after all..
  • planophrasia
    planophrasia Wandering speech; usually used to refer to a flight of ideas in manic syndromes. 
Love it when the foreigners have to teach me English! Thank you education system!!.... :p


Been motivated all night!! Finally getting my Portfolio page updated with some old old old work that was desperately needing a place to go! I design and make all kinds of things that really have no purpose.. but I feel like it's a waste to leave them in a folder on my computer.. Simply by putting them into a blog I feel like they are finally out of my mind. Somewhere I can see them if I want to reference them ever.. at the same time I do not have to worry about storing them on my HD.
Earlier I watched Gnomeo and Juliet! It is a super cute movie that is a quick and easy watch. I couldn't help but think of my own situation)) miss my millie))
Been listening to Lana Del Rey and her "Born to Die" album a lot thanks to KristyK! Great background working music! My only complaint is that the CD is too short!
Alright! getting back to adding things to my portfolio page! Check it out! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shipping Crate modeling in BLENDER!

I found this tutorial online that showed the basics of modeling.. It was about 4 hours long and took me atleast 4 times that amount to make something similar! haha I actually wish I had a teacher that could work with me through this. Unfortunately the community college that is near me does not offer classes this "advanced".
Sad because this is a huge part of the developing industry! Regardless I will continue to "self-teach" so that I may have skills that can help me later in life!

Below I will list 11 program renders.. prephotoshopped:

Below are screen shots taken during modeling:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

BALLOONS!!! & Learning Blender!

So I am super excited to have hardware that can actually render the software I have been longing to play with for going on 4 years now!!! I downloaded the Free program Blender from there website last night and spent the day working on a balloon tutorial!

It started with taking a basic UV Sphere, and then of course modeling it to look more like the shape of a balloon. For the most part getting started was pretty easy, but for some reason simply tieng the knot around the balloon took me like 45 min! It was my first time actually modeling in 3D and it was a lot of fun.

Below I will put a bunch of screen shots but I will start with the finals!

main size 1920 x 1080
2 screen display 3840 x 1080 
Closer Up Definition 800 x 400
Close Up of Knot and Reflections 800 x 400

Podomatic! Testing Testing Podcast


Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Hardware! wooot

I have to admit... It is a little more difficult than I had originally thought it would be. Keeping up with several blogs.. making daily devotionals.. and working freelance all take there toll. I find I do not have the time I think I do.
I still want to equal my time with socialization, games at times, and of course I need to eat better!!! But lately I have found myself in kind of a rut. I imagine that part of it has to do with the fact that I am still waiting for tiger direct to send me a replacement monitor!!
Last week I got my new computer and monitors, but one of them had two dead pixels and the entire screen had a somewhat blurry look to it.

After contacting tigerdirect customer service I was issued a prepaid return label and told they would ship out my other monitor immediately! :p It must've been a joke because I am still waiting for them to ship my replacement! They have already recieved mine!

Regardless I am happy with my purchase.. With the things I spend time on every day it is crazy just CRAZY that I have not invested sooner into getting a working and proficient system.
Originally I spent $600 on the tower for a 2TB Hard Drive, Intel I5 Core, and 6 gig Ram with integrated graphics. After Updating the ram to 12 gigs and putting in a GT 520 1 gig EVGA graphics card, my pc is now a rock star!
It has a total of 4 gig video memory available compared to like 300 mb on my laptop.

The computer shows that I only have a 4.9 rating, but overall it is much better than what you can get anywhere I have seen for under $700 dollars. Add the two full HD 1080p LED monitors and you can have a great setup for just under $1000. My videos render so fast! Not to mention photoshop, Cinema 4D, and just about everything else opens up and runs without hiccups! Even games like League of Legends or Counter Strike Source play on high settings all around, even though this it has just an entry level graphics card, it still makes all the difference when working with HD video.

Lately I have been gaining my voice again.. it seems my legs dooo work so I am starting to get moving as well.    btw, I am going to take over the world)) just saying. :p

check out what random things I have been working on by going to my portfolio page!
for example here is a mock logo i designed a week ago:
click to open in portfolio page in a new window

Ok I am going to work on my resume, and then I will finish the last old 365 video from my laptop.. I reallllly want to start doing those videos again.. I felt soo much better day to day when I was expressing myself.
Time to get back... 2012 the year for no fear! lets do it! Postive action will result in positive reaction. Your choice and JOB to see it this way)
much love :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


!! So I spent the last 3-5 days feeling sick sick sicK! It was awful.. The kind of sick where you can't think or do anything.. yet you cannot sleep. Every time I would look at my computer screen my eyes would water and my sinuses would act up. So... basically it was what being sick is generally like for anyone.. awful, as I said in the beginning.

Considering today is the first day my nose isn't scarlet red, I feel full of energy and I am ready to get things done! After hearing that the Ebay business I worked at was closing down, I've had to keep myself active and positive while I look for alternative work. I am hopeful, but at the same time I have a bunch of work that needs to be finished as it is. Today at some point I should be hearing from UPS, so I can finally begin working with the High Definition footage I shot in omaha for a project.

Because my computer takes so long to load HD footage, and often crashes in the editing process I think it is best for me to wait until I have adequate equipment before I begin charging for my work ;)

At the same time I need to hurry up and get to making these videos for him or else I won't be continue getting work :p

Ok enough babble.. I need to edit up some daily devotionals and work on a logo! Really.. like I neeeeed to do to it.. or else.. :p


Friday, February 17, 2012

What day is it?

Nothing like sleeping in! I have been sickly the past few days and I am hoping that today will be my turn around day! As SOOOOON as I am done posting I will be upstairs making some french toast and sausages! Current Status: Starving! :p Drinking on some natural Cranberry Apple Juice is putting me in the perfect mood to post up and get this day started..

I was informed that when your throat and sinus aren't feeling so well, that you should boil some milk, then add butter and honey and drink up! I don't know but sure sounds tasty to me as long as I don't add too much butter.. eecckk...

I have been trying to keep up with recording my 365 Vlogs and so far I have been doing well with the recordings. The problem is editing, rendering, and uploading, not to mention, naming, blog posting, and ....Life.
It has been a learning curve getting started, but I know that after this coming Tuesday I will be able to do a lot more a lot faster.

I ordered myself two gateway monitors that will really help me create a steamlined workflow, as well as see my video in it's own screen while editing, rather than a few inches wide. To speed things up I got a Gateway Tower with an Intel I5 quad core processor. I also got a few upgrades to add to it all. Rather than spend more overall on a tower, I saved a few hundred dollars by buying the graphics card and extra ram separately! To make things look a little cooler I got a wireless mouse that matches my wireless keyboard))) take that wired microsoft mouse!

Here are some videos I have uploaded from the factory days:
Also I have been trying to keep the 365 VLOG updated check it out!!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

can someone say MINGS house!

Ok Ok! I have been behind! No doubt about that! I am eating some Chinese food and getting down to editing. I really can't wait to get a proper computer so that this process can be more stream lined! Will post more and have more details on current projects soon!)


Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is what happens when you start spending too much time in front of a camera..

I had fun making it, at the same time I was learning how the mic settings worked. Once I got it into Vegas I noticed that the audio I had actually recorded was a little quiet so I had to boost the volume to get a response. Anyways, time to move on and continue to something new))



Ok! So this week has been more exhausting than I would've possibly guessed! Today I am determined to be productive in terms of what I want done :)
First I have a call with a client @6 and then I get to record my Feb 10th Vlog about looking for attention rather than looking for God's heart. It's a little ironic, in part I feel that I'm going to get looked at like I want attention with my videos, rather than the real intention. Which is to relate with people that think similarly as me, as well as to help others out there whom are struggling and could use them as a tool to bring some word into there day)
I still am trying to figure out a lot of things, but I know that I need to keep up with writing and posting so that I don't just fizzle out and quit.. It is far too late in my life to continue starting things without finishing them. It is time to get things done! Being as cold as it is makes me lazier but not today :p.
Anyways I will make a post of what I DID lata)))


Monday, February 6, 2012

Got the stand, mic, and pop filter today!!!

I have to say I am super excited to try out this new mic setup!! For a few weeks a searched the internet as well as local stores that sell musical equipment. I found that the CAD U37, with a pop filter is one of the best setups for under $100 that money can buy you.
I plan on using it to make better quality vlogs as well as home videos. I have many things that I want to get to create a better home work environment. Now that I have this I can focus on getting an updated computer monitor setup. After that comes the camera. I need to remind myself all in good time. I have other things I need to save my money for..))
I will post some pictures or video once I have my setup! :)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quit playing with yourself!!

Playing With Myself: Hand Dance 

So this is basically the result of having nothing better to do at 2 am.. too tired to read or edit, yet too awake to go to sleep. Best method to falling asleep is to play with yourself. :) Don't be shy, as you can see I used my left hand this time!

 Positivity is a choice, make it with me!


Snow Day!

Good Morning Lincoln, NE!

This is what I saw when I woke up :/

Well it isn't everyday that you find that a tree has fallen on your house. That is exactly what I saw this morning as pictured above. I am actually quite thankful that it didn't fall onto my car as seen in the foreground.
Originally I had planned on driving to Omaha this morning to do some video work for a freelance assignment. Because of the heavy snow and icy roads underneath the snow, I think that I am going to reschedule for a different day that is not potentially life threatening. :)
I will take it as a blessing and spend some time getting important things done! ...right after I catch up on some sleep.


Friday, February 3, 2012

DANCE! Green Screen Edit

DANCE DANCE DANCE! ok no more dancing. Yesterday I had planned on posting and doing a lot more writing, but it seems like my laptop had a better idea. What I thought would take an hour ended up taking 7 hours. Rendering HD video on a 6 year old laptop is just not a good idea :p.

So I steamed the screen behind me with a Shark steamer and now it is looking a lot more usable) To test it out I recorded me on my webcam rocking out to some skrillex! Check it out!


I need to actually start using the screens potential with some effects. Part of me is just waiting for an upgraded computer package to really do what I want to. I think very quickly when I am editing and it is very frustrating to have to sit and wait while something loads...or more likely freezes.. I think that as soon as I upgrade I will be able to produce better quality videos a lot faster.

Also I finally got my True Love: 365 Vlog going so check out todays!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lunch BREAK!

Ok, so I am home from lunch making a supreme totinos pizza and drinking a dr. pepper!) I need to make a list of things to do so that I don't get off task. Things to remember and figure out after work:
  1. hand steamer for green screen
  2. camera model and attachments full price
  3. computer model and potential attachments
  4. vlogs for 365, must do 4 today, make basic, no need to make too fancy, be confident
  5. make post about mic
And so on... im sure I could add more to the list, but I would prefer to keep it realistic and get those things done before adding more.. haha the point of a list is to lessen the stress not add to it!
Just put the pizza in!
Ok now I need to post on 365 Blog before I go back to work.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Day!

Not much went on today, I spent a few hours devoted to my 365 Daily Devotional Blog, as well as getting some lights set up with the green screen. Very soon I am going to be doing my daily devotions, but I am 1 month behind so it will take me some work to get caught up. I am hoping that by giving myself this project.. 365 vlogs and blog posts.. that I will increase my plate size and be able to take on more and more things with greater ease in the future. I do not want to get burdened easily in life. I want difficult things to seem easy, but mostly I want to be successful. I think that by keeping up with 4 blogs, making personal video and photography projects come to life, as well as working full time and doing freelance work, I will put myself into a position where I can accomplish my goals more easily and with a greater knowledge for what it is I am seeking to become.
I thank my family, kk, and I must thank God for the wonderful blessings in my life.
I could not do a thing without the grace of our God and the strength that he provides me with. -God Bless

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mr. Nobody... can someone say waaa??

Did you know that you can have a relationship thwarted, simply because a man skips work and boils an egg half way around the world??!!! Neither did I until I saw Mr Nobody starring Jared Leto as Nemo. I actually enjoyed this film a lot, and I think it was largely in part because it does not follow the normal status quo. Scene after scene the movie jumps around sporadically between the potential lives that Nemo could have had. I'd say it does a good job getting the viewer to think about his or her decisions, and the butterfly effect that follows within all the potential decisions that we make. It grasps a lot of string theory which I find interesting, but at the same time it can be useless to go into it. The world in which we live is simply that, the world in which we live. This is the string that we are in.. this is the path that we are all moving in together.
The nice thing is that we do get control over our decisions. We get to choose our path, and we get to make sure we find our happiness. I feel like I have seen many paths, or strings you could call them, in which I could live and or the persons I could be. I know that I can only see glimpses, and even then who knows if I could be correct, but it is easy to see which ones would not be ideal. We don't always know what decisions to make but sometimes decisions feel instinctual. Lately I have been trying to make my decisions based on what feels right, rather than how people view me.
I totally forgot that Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars. I am a big fan)

I think the rest of tonight is going to be some Russian Rosetta Stone mixed with a little bit of "broccoli" time) Maybe make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yummmm.. and that brings me to another topic!
Natural foods over crap filled foods filled with GMO, MSG, etc. I was at the store and was buying some jelly. When I was about to grab my normal Welches strawberry jelly, I noticed that for about 35 cents more I could get an all Natural Welches jelly that did not have all the corn syrup and preservatives that are filling a large percent of the jar. After eating the natural jelly I am more than happy with the 35 cent extra price. Not only is the jelly really sweet and awesome still, it actually has that great real strawberry taste as well! Better yet it is better for me. I realize more and more that every time I am shopping and buying things I am voting for what I think is acceptable and what I want them to make more of. If we educate people than we will live in a society that has a better quality all around. Education really is the starting point to solving any problem of the masses. blah blah blah I know I go on, anways, I am going to take my natural awesome strawberry jelly and my extra crunchy Jif peanut butter and make myself a magnificent PB & J. спокойной ночи!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taking a break!

I have a full day ahead of me still, just got home from photographing sweaters and coats for the past few hours. I sat down and got stuck playing with my webcam and photoshop. Here is the result of my time haha

I'd say cool/a bit scary

Ok time to get back to more productive things! haha I will post my originals for this on my portfolio blog.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's late, but I am just getting started!

Today has been rough from the start! :p With heavy eye lids I managed to turn off my alarm and switch off the space heater that sits about 3 ft away from my bed keeping me from the cold basement chill. It wouldn't be so bad if my roomie didn't always decide to "save money" by turning down the heat after I am asleep..! It's ok, someday I will get him.. I will get him reeeeeaaal good!! muahahaaha.. eehhh eeemmm.)))) as I was saying.. (OMG just killed a spideR!) (so far the 2nd spider I have seen since I have been living in my basement/fort/hippie/room/area) (maybe they a building up an army and plan on attacking me tonight>?!!>?..maybe not) Again! as I was saying/typing, I was basically tired all day at work but managed to make it through a 7 hour day. I will make up that other hour tomorrow. 
Since than I have been relaxing, throwing darts, and I also watched "the Hole" directed by Nick Hamm with actress Thora Birch playing the most wonderfully psycho girl every guy has nightmares about. I saw this movie years ago when I stumbled into my parents living room in Peach St. It was the middle of the day and I wasn't expecting to get stuck into a television show. Little did I know what I was in for but I started watching it about 40% into it and got hooked. It definitely is not the most visual stimulating movie ever made, but the story is interesting, or maybe awful is a better word.. yes.. the story is awful... I mean, it's intriguing! but how scary is that girl!
I need to start picking better movies for my moods haha, last night I was watching Donnie Darko and I still get creeped out by Frank the Bunnies voice... after tonight's psycho suspense mystery I will probably watch an old school favorite of mine; Paulie with Tony Shalhoub. Better known from his work in the TV series MONK. I freaking love birds!!! I am sooo getting a grey african parrot once I am settled!
Ok I need to get back to work on Lynda's blog, I promised her that I would, not only that I actually want to get some things going on it I just keep giving myself too many things to do! Luckily I've already finished a few mock ups for some Client work that I am doing. You can see those posts and the work I will be doing on Lynda's blog here (

Off I go! God Bless

Thursday, January 26, 2012

things on my mind

I have a few things I just need to get out of my head before I forget... and sticky notes.. they just don't always do the job hehe

I want to start making tutorials for some everyday basic computer things.. like basic maintenance.. basic antivirus, facebook things such as archiving photos, and setting privacy settings.

As well as making videos for these things I need to create postings that go along with the video and subject..

Kind of the same thing that I will be doin with my daily devotionals. Now that I have an HD camera and I will be getting a nice microphone I will be able to begin my devotionals. My goal is to do all of January's videos into February as well.

It seems like people always have questions about things to me that are often simple. I thank god for the blessings that he is always sending my way, and for the helpful people that are often around me. As I keep telling others, it does no good to spend your life storing up information and gaining knowledge if you do nothing with it. Make a blog, write a book, there are so many ways to express yourself that allows for movement forward. go go go, do it do it do it , move move move, im on my way, just need to keep it up)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

uploading... uploading... lol

Today was another big day for getting crap uploaded and freeing up some long due stress thats been hiding in the back of my head.. I think its great to finally get projects from 4 years ago on the internet... slowly but surely I can move on to more important things.
Here is a list of things I uploaded today, (also I am starting a KK page to put the links to kristinas videos)
Im going to be doing some more work on Lyndas Families Blog as well as creating a logo template for some contract work that I have been hired for! :) of course I will be posting links and images along the way) Keep your head up! BE POSITIVE! You will never meet a failure who was still trying.. and you will never meet a success who gave up.. go go go, do do do, move move move. All the while smile and relax) This is life))

Sunday, January 22, 2012

its worth is self!

So far reviews say to jump in and get a canon.. (CANON)

time to get in gear

Hello! I had to make myself post this.. lol but I know I need to do kick myself in the butt and get moving. I need to remind myself that this is the easy stuff, and if I can't do this than I have some issues in wanting to do bigger and better things in my future.
Today I spent a lot of time in skype calls)) and the rest of the time posting some new and old videos to youtube, here are the links of what I uploaded today:

Grasshopper Human (oddest video uploaded)
2am Simple After Effect Render
Simple 3D photo render 2am Film Set Behind Scenes
2am behind the scenes film edits w/music
2am behind the scenes film edits w/music
2am behind the scenes film edits
Words Have Meaning After Effects Test Render Effect

Most of these are short test edits. Seeing them reminds me how little work I have done since the time I learned how to use this program. I need to spend more time learning this stuff. Step one is getting better equipment..I need to invest in getting a good PC. Also I will need a nice camera to record HD and take good pictures.. (probably go with a camera that takes video as opposed with a camcorder) Anything I will be recording for videos can be set up anyways.

Taxes come back soon) I'm going to try and be smart and pay off things that are on needing it! Sadly I will forgo the jumping stilts for now. But I will probably end up buying a nice microphone like the Avid mic sold at Best Buy.

Avid - M-Audio Vocal Studio Microphone

.  !!!! I want this sooo bad! lol

Rain Computers - ION Studio High-Performance Rackmount Audio + Video Workstation

Ok enough looking at cool techs) I'll post some videos after I buy the mic and get it working.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

stop worrying and move

So I spend more time worrying about details rather than gaining any content... :p
I started this blog because I wanted to put myself out there.. lol time to start writing and spend less time worrying about which font looks best!
This whole weekend has been engaging, yet the stress of having personal projects on top of my already heavy workload has got me breaking out in cold sores!  ( I should just post my private link videos on my blog! that way I have a record to my memories and yet they won't be readily viewable by the general public!!! ) Random thought but need to do that.
The past hour or so I have spent working on a color scheme, title banner, and additional pictures for my friend Lynda and her blog! I always enjoy designing like this. I never know what I am making when open up the program, often I will make something like I did tonight and within a week I will have remade it several times until I have a product I am satisfied with. Here is a link for tonight's work.
Ok I still have to edit together some really odd webcam videos I made yesterday at 2am.. hehe maybe tomorrow I will post a video link and embarass myself)) I seem to enjoy doing this :p

Thursday, January 19, 2012