Tuesday, February 21, 2012


!! So I spent the last 3-5 days feeling sick sick sicK! It was awful.. The kind of sick where you can't think or do anything.. yet you cannot sleep. Every time I would look at my computer screen my eyes would water and my sinuses would act up. So... basically it was what being sick is generally like for anyone.. awful, as I said in the beginning.

Considering today is the first day my nose isn't scarlet red, I feel full of energy and I am ready to get things done! After hearing that the Ebay business I worked at was closing down, I've had to keep myself active and positive while I look for alternative work. I am hopeful, but at the same time I have a bunch of work that needs to be finished as it is. Today at some point I should be hearing from UPS, so I can finally begin working with the High Definition footage I shot in omaha for a project.

Because my computer takes so long to load HD footage, and often crashes in the editing process I think it is best for me to wait until I have adequate equipment before I begin charging for my work ;)

At the same time I need to hurry up and get to making these videos for him or else I won't be continue getting work :p

Ok enough babble.. I need to edit up some daily devotionals and work on a logo! Really.. like I neeeeed to do to it.. or else.. :p


Friday, February 17, 2012

What day is it?

Nothing like sleeping in! I have been sickly the past few days and I am hoping that today will be my turn around day! As SOOOOON as I am done posting I will be upstairs making some french toast and sausages! Current Status: Starving! :p Drinking on some natural Cranberry Apple Juice is putting me in the perfect mood to post up and get this day started..

I was informed that when your throat and sinus aren't feeling so well, that you should boil some milk, then add butter and honey and drink up! I don't know but sure sounds tasty to me as long as I don't add too much butter.. eecckk...

I have been trying to keep up with recording my 365 Vlogs and so far I have been doing well with the recordings. The problem is editing, rendering, and uploading, not to mention, naming, blog posting, and ....Life.
It has been a learning curve getting started, but I know that after this coming Tuesday I will be able to do a lot more a lot faster.

I ordered myself two gateway monitors that will really help me create a steamlined workflow, as well as see my video in it's own screen while editing, rather than a few inches wide. To speed things up I got a Gateway Tower with an Intel I5 quad core processor. I also got a few upgrades to add to it all. Rather than spend more overall on a tower, I saved a few hundred dollars by buying the graphics card and extra ram separately! To make things look a little cooler I got a wireless mouse that matches my wireless keyboard))) take that wired microsoft mouse!

Here are some videos I have uploaded from the factory days:
Also I have been trying to keep the 365 VLOG updated check it out!!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

can someone say MINGS house!

Ok Ok! I have been behind! No doubt about that! I am eating some Chinese food and getting down to editing. I really can't wait to get a proper computer so that this process can be more stream lined! Will post more and have more details on current projects soon!)


Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is what happens when you start spending too much time in front of a camera..

I had fun making it, at the same time I was learning how the mic settings worked. Once I got it into Vegas I noticed that the audio I had actually recorded was a little quiet so I had to boost the volume to get a response. Anyways, time to move on and continue to something new))



Ok! So this week has been more exhausting than I would've possibly guessed! Today I am determined to be productive in terms of what I want done :)
First I have a call with a client @6 and then I get to record my Feb 10th Vlog about looking for attention rather than looking for God's heart. It's a little ironic, in part I feel that I'm going to get looked at like I want attention with my videos, rather than the real intention. Which is to relate with people that think similarly as me, as well as to help others out there whom are struggling and could use them as a tool to bring some word into there day)
I still am trying to figure out a lot of things, but I know that I need to keep up with writing and posting so that I don't just fizzle out and quit.. It is far too late in my life to continue starting things without finishing them. It is time to get things done! Being as cold as it is makes me lazier but not today :p.
Anyways I will make a post of what I DID lata)))


Monday, February 6, 2012

Got the stand, mic, and pop filter today!!!

I have to say I am super excited to try out this new mic setup!! For a few weeks a searched the internet as well as local stores that sell musical equipment. I found that the CAD U37, with a pop filter is one of the best setups for under $100 that money can buy you.
I plan on using it to make better quality vlogs as well as home videos. I have many things that I want to get to create a better home work environment. Now that I have this I can focus on getting an updated computer monitor setup. After that comes the camera. I need to remind myself all in good time. I have other things I need to save my money for..))
I will post some pictures or video once I have my setup! :)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quit playing with yourself!!

Playing With Myself: Hand Dance 

So this is basically the result of having nothing better to do at 2 am.. too tired to read or edit, yet too awake to go to sleep. Best method to falling asleep is to play with yourself. :) Don't be shy, as you can see I used my left hand this time!

 Positivity is a choice, make it with me!


Snow Day!

Good Morning Lincoln, NE!

This is what I saw when I woke up :/

Well it isn't everyday that you find that a tree has fallen on your house. That is exactly what I saw this morning as pictured above. I am actually quite thankful that it didn't fall onto my car as seen in the foreground.
Originally I had planned on driving to Omaha this morning to do some video work for a freelance assignment. Because of the heavy snow and icy roads underneath the snow, I think that I am going to reschedule for a different day that is not potentially life threatening. :)
I will take it as a blessing and spend some time getting important things done! ...right after I catch up on some sleep.


Friday, February 3, 2012

DANCE! Green Screen Edit

DANCE DANCE DANCE! ok no more dancing. Yesterday I had planned on posting and doing a lot more writing, but it seems like my laptop had a better idea. What I thought would take an hour ended up taking 7 hours. Rendering HD video on a 6 year old laptop is just not a good idea :p.

So I steamed the screen behind me with a Shark steamer and now it is looking a lot more usable) To test it out I recorded me on my webcam rocking out to some skrillex! Check it out!


I need to actually start using the screens potential with some effects. Part of me is just waiting for an upgraded computer package to really do what I want to. I think very quickly when I am editing and it is very frustrating to have to sit and wait while something loads...or more likely freezes.. I think that as soon as I upgrade I will be able to produce better quality videos a lot faster.

Also I finally got my True Love: 365 Vlog going so check out todays!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lunch BREAK!

Ok, so I am home from lunch making a supreme totinos pizza and drinking a dr. pepper!) I need to make a list of things to do so that I don't get off task. Things to remember and figure out after work:
  1. hand steamer for green screen
  2. camera model and attachments full price
  3. computer model and potential attachments
  4. vlogs for 365, must do 4 today, make basic, no need to make too fancy, be confident
  5. make post about mic
And so on... im sure I could add more to the list, but I would prefer to keep it realistic and get those things done before adding more.. haha the point of a list is to lessen the stress not add to it!
Just put the pizza in!
Ok now I need to post on 365 Blog before I go back to work.