Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anxiety or Anger whats the difference?

^ my head ^

I am blessed person.

So why do I feel so selfish and unhappy?

My head is a terrible thing sometimes..

"Life is not easy and I cannot please everyone"

better written:

"Life is easy if you try to please only yourself"


"Life is meaningless if you try to please only yourself"

What is my life?  What is my purpose? What makes me happy?

What will I do to fight for life? What will I do to fight for a life I want?

Being taken advantage of..  How do I know when it's happening?

Follow the Golden Rule..

easy to desire... difficult to continue when your by yourself.


I need Support.

I want to be supportive as well.

Talking to myself in my blog is only somewhat helpful..
Now time to Open Photoshop and see what comes out of me...

I'm doing a good job keeping anger at bay while worry washes up on shore in droves... it's silly to be feeling either.

People are silly creations))



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