Monday, April 16, 2012

Ever feel like Meh? :p

Sometimes we just feel depressed. Generally because there is a situation involving a loved one.
It does not mean that we are depressed all the time. It just means that we have feelings.

Nobody wants to be held back by there past mistakes. It is natural to be stupid and then to become smart.
It is quiet opposite to expect    it the other  way around. I am a better person today that  I was yesterday.
That is the Goal.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Writing, i miss you...

Many times I feel like I have good ideas, but instead of actually doing what it is I'm thinking, I just try to remember the idea. How smart is that?
I do not think it is very smart at all.
I see myself as someone who can do a lot.
But I do not see my actions matching up to my potential.
It's getting to the point that I can no longer bare it and something needs to change!
Like most guy's in there early 20's I spend a lot of times doing things that "I" want to do. It's sad to say, but as mature as I think I am, I realize that left to my own devices I can fall off course.
I'd like to change these bad characteristics about myself before it gets worse.. before I am even older and wishing I had been different.
I do not like knowing how many hours I have spent on games rather than doing helpful or productive things.. rather than doing something for, or spending time with, loved ones..
Currently my heart feels like it wants to explode..
I wish I were a better writer so that I could express myself fully, but I'll get out what I need to get out.
I have to make Goals, and I need to keep up with them
I need to make them public so that I cannot hide from them
I need support, my heart is tender although it is strong, I am still growing and I have my tough days like all
~God is Watching me I need Not to Forget this Truth~
Everyday, Every Moment, and Always
  • Clean up
  • Get rid of the excess
  • Be the man that your preach others to be
  • Love with all of your heart
  • Be humble
  • Check yourself
The best way to live happily and genuinely, is to be doing things correctly, and righteously.
I know that all things done in dark will eventually be seen by others in the light. 

Of course there is a point.

I want to be a good Husband.

Rather than try to BS myself through life, I want to help people and love my family.
I seem to fail quite regularly, but I hope that I can learn to one day succeed in this endeavor. 


miss you