Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mirandas SWEENEY PLAY!!!

Again, several months ago Miranda was in a play at her high school (Central High School) it was the play: Sweeney Todd 
Now the reason I decided to do a post about this is for several reasons..

  1. The stupid songs are still stuck in my head!
  2. Do you really feel me?? hmm..? Do you really feel me Joanna?
  3. Miranda played Lucy/Beggar Woman and did an amazing job!
  4. I needed to make sure these pictures will be seen by her when shes older! **this is the best reason!

 I was actually surprised with how well they performed the play, considering that they used a rotating box to change from scene to scene! ..still the icing on the cake was the fact that my crazy, maniac of a sister played true to her roots! hehe Seriously though, she is a born actress with an uncanny ability to give up herself in the eyes of her character. She does not get easily embarrassed, and although she seems to have robot like emotions at times, she is very sweet and positive at heart. I pray for my sister and wish her the best in everything that comes her way. She will be going to New York for college and I she will need her guardian angels like never before. Thank you Jesus for loving us, for loving my family, and giving us blessings upon blessings. Although our blessings are surely not material nor in the form of financial success, our needs are still met and there are many deserts in our lives. I pray that everyone has desert in their life!!! :p    ..I'm hungry 

Best pic EVER lol Mirandas favorite line  hehe 


Memories, Moments, You know! The things we love!

Today is beautiful! Gorgeous sun shining in the windows, the air is hot enough outside that I am kicking on the A/C. 

Koala hats at the mall! 
   My fiance Kristina and I spend almost all of our waking time with each other and because of it, I have endless memories and moments of happiness and love. Although at times we can lose sight of what truly matters whilst being caught up in the arguments of the world and flesh, it never takes long for us to be guided back to common ground thinking. God our father loves us so, and he is always willing to give peace and love to those who desire it purely. I have faith :)

So here are a few pictures from random times throughout the past 6 months, I have many to choose from but these popped out at me))

Here are a few pics from when we stopped at Jordan Valley Park, my sister Miranda was with us one of the days.

I Love You!

I-797C Paid and Accepted!

New F-1 Visa!!!

Not everyone who applies for work and travel gets accepted.. But she did! :)

Not everyone who applies for a status change gets one..
But she did!! :)

Not everyone can pass the TOEFL, especially with hardly any time or preparation..  But she did just that!!! :)

Not everyone can be admitted to a 4-year college, especially in between statuses at a college that does not know how to deal with international students.. But she has and is doing just that!!!! :) We are so blessed, and I am sooo proud of her for all of the fighting, courage, and absolute determination to do things that are not easy and paved out for us. Although the unpaved ride can be bumpy, it is well worth getting to the destination in which few have ever experienced or gazed upon. Our path is full of bumps, and although they can be uncomfortable, I am fully aware that every time I hit one that I am on a special journey. Each bounce is a reminder to the rider that he is moving forward to their destination.


Workin hard))

I love my millie!


This 'KISS' Memory has to go somewhere...

A few months ago my littlest sister wanted to dress up for 80's Day at school!

Here is the result!

Rock n Roll Addie! :p

Shes so shy :)
Addie is a Rockstar!