Wednesday, April 10, 2013

IM BACK!!! for 2013!!! just took me a few months...

So here I am! Living in Springfield, MO with my beloved Kristina!


The past few months have been so new for me that I have a hard time keeping track of my thoughts. I started this blog last year so that I could sort out my thoughts and not let them get tangled into knots! Yet here I am NOT doing what I told myself I needed to do in order to be taking care of business.

So here I am! BACK! I know that I need to write and that I need to use my other blogs in order to keep my head straight! Everyday we are bombarded with overwhelming forms of media and information, I find it very helpful to have a place where I can put all this stuff down and feel lighter in the process.

I have a lot to post!!!

Although I am randomly writing right now, I have a video rendering at the moment to add to Kristina's Blog. It is about 5 min long and is a compilation of videos taken around Christmas time. I literally have about 4 different blogs that need several posts each. But simply writing this here is already making me feel like im getting some of it done!

I decided today, and after praying about it last night that I will attempt to ask for help so that I can make my wedding dreams come true :) I figure I can try and maybe nothing will happen, and in any case, if I do not try than I can only get nothing no matter what!

I found this site called indiegogo ( it allows people to begin campaigns in order to raise money for a cause. As selfish as I feel reaching out to others for money so that "I" can have my dream wedding, I've realized that God is here to provide for us, and that I must ASK in order to receive! I just finished a book (the boy who came back from heaven) and one of the messages that hit me was that God will use his hands and feet to help those in need. Meaning that other believers are out there and they are willing to help others. I pray that I am worthy of such things and I will begin my campaign as soon as possible. First I need to finish getting my blogs updated, next I will need to write a script so that I don't seem like a guy just trying to make a video for money. Luckily I have enough video and pictures to show people who care about me and my relationship with God and my engagement with my fiance Kristina! I trust that God will use those who are capable and willing to help me get to the next level in my life.

Ok well the video is done rendering and I need to get back to my posts... Anyways Thanks BLOG!
I will be back soon)


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